Pay up or Perish Live

From Evolution Gaming, a Live Stream of “Cash or Crash”

In September 2021, Evolution Gaming debuted a new online live game show called Cash or Crash, which is both original and wonderfully entertaining. Previous hit releases from Evolution include Dream Catcher, Side Bet City, and Crazy Time, all of which have solidified Evolution’s reputation as a leading provider of popular Live Casino games. It would be an understatement to say that Cash or Crash is unlike any other game out there.

The Money or the Crash Structure

Cash or Crash, like many other Evolution games, is played in real time and televised from a dedicated studio. Here, the studio was styled to resemble the inside of a blimp, a type of airship capable of carrying passengers to great heights thanks to an elongated balloon (or envelope) loaded with a lifting gas like Helium.

You’ll note that the game host is dressed like a steward or stewardess because the studio is meant to evoke the airship’s passenger cabin. Large windows in the airship provide a breathtaking panorama of the realistically depicted landscape below. The airship will start the game on the ground, but as the game progresses, it will rise, as we will describe.

There is a podium in the centre of the cabin, and a translucent sphere sits above it. This is the main machine used in the action. The platform acts as a 20-rung pay ladder, and the sphere is filled with 28 balls of varying hues. A betting interface, where you may choose your stake and place your bets, will appear at the bottom of your screen.

…the Golden Sphere

The game enters a bonus mode when the sphere chooses the lone golden ball. As a ‘extra life,’ the golden ball prevents all players from losing their progress upon a fall. That’s why when a green ball is drawn, the game keeps going but you don’t have to make any choices. More green balls that take you higher and higher are what you’re after. The golden ball additional life is forfeited if a red ball is drawn, and play continues as usual.

If you manage to take the airship all the way to the top of the 20-level paytable ladder while keeping the golden ball intact, you will be awarded 50,000 times your initial wager. Without the golden ball, you can win 18,000 times your initial wager by taking the airship to the top of the paytable.

The Risk of Going Broke

Cash or Crash may be a game of chance, but it also has strategic elements. That’s because the odds of rolling a green or red ball shift as the game progresses. The developers at Evolution were clearly thinking of strategic gamers when they created Cash or Crash, as evidenced by the presence of two instructive airship emblems, one to either side of the stage. The percentage odds of the next ball being either green or red are displayed in each of these icons. Their value lies in the fact that they provide more context for the Take All, Take Half, or Continue options.

For Cash or Crash, Evolution claims a ‘ideal approach’ will yield an RTP of 99.59 percent. The good news for those who would rather not consider playing strategically is that the odds of cashing out with a profit are roughly 71% of the time. That’s about par for the course, but it was provided by the creators themselves, so you may take it at face value.

If you ask us for strategic counsel, we’d tell you to decide right off the bat whether you care more about producing lots of little profits or a few huge ones. Withdrawing after the first “green” ball is a low-risk strategy. After each green ball, players who are willing to take a moderate risk can Take Half in the hopes of recovering their initial investment and continuing without further danger. And if you’re OK with high-risk, ride it out until you either make a profit or fall off.

Final Thoughts on “Cash or Crash”

Cash or Crash is an exciting and straightforward live game show format. Fantastic aesthetics and enough of room to try out new tactics ensure that gameplay will never grow stale.

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