Alchemy Fortunes Online Slot Rating and reviews

The slot machine game known as Alchemy Fortunes centers on the enigmatic practice of elevating less valuable substances to the value of gold. Your objective is to turn bets ranging from 0.20 to 100.00 per spin into winning combinations, and you may win a reward by activating any one of the various bonuses that are available.

Microgaming and its partner All41 Studios are responsible for the creation of Alchemy Fortunes, which has been enhanced for use on personal computers as well as mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows. The stunning 7×7 grid of brilliantly colored jewels and higher-paying potions is located inside the lair of the alchemist. It is surrounded by ancient books, candles, and a peculiar meter that is linked to the left side of the reels.

When you hit a cluster of at least five symbols that match, the symbols will disappear from the reels and be added to this Magic Potion meter. It is possible for a Rolling Reels system to generate a limitless amount of wins from a single paid game. Additionally, when the meter fills up, it will activate bonuses like as additional wilds, symbol swaps, and free spins.

Instructions on How to Play the Slot Machine, “Alchemy Fortunes”

The choices for placing bets, activating the automated spins mode, and seeing the paytable for the Alchemy Fortunes slot are hidden behind a row of buttons that run vertically down the right side of the game screen. It doesn’t take long to set up the game, and even gamers with little prior expertise may start turning the reels almost immediately. There is a wide range of betting possibilities available, with the lowest being 0.20 and the highest being 100.00 per spin; thus, most players may find a level that is suitable for them.

It employs a method called HyperClusters, in which winning combinations are created when five or more identical symbols are joined in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or in blocks. There is a good chance that many clusters may show up at the same time, and you will win a gift from each of them.

Have a look at the paytable to get an idea of how the extra features function as well as how much money you may win from the different symbols. The most precious red potion pays out 500 times your stake for clusters of 30 or more bottles, while the least valuable blue crystal only pays out 15 times for clusters of 30 or more. A wild sign may substitute for any other symbol and contribute to the completion of clusters when it appears in the appropriate positions.

Features of the Alchemy Fortunes Slot Game Including Free Spins

Rolling Reels, a popular and extremely lucrative technique, is used in Alchemy Fortunes. This mechanism eliminates winning symbols and lets new ones to drop down and replace the spaces left behind by the removed symbols. If this results in further victories, you will get more Rolls, and they will continue until there are no more clusters of 5 or more.

With each winning symbol, the Potion Meter on the left side of the grid will fill up more, and if it reaches a particular level, you will unlock additional game features. Once you have reached the level of 20 symbols on the meter, the Symbol Swap functionality will take effect, changing all high value symbols into instances of the same kind.

The Summon Wilds feature is activated when there are 40 symbols on the reels, and it adds between three and six wild symbols in random positions throughout the reels. Once the meter has been filled with 60 winning symbols, the Gem Crush function will become active. The symbols with lower values have been eliminated from the grid.

When you reach 80 winning symbols, the Alchemy of Wilds feature kicks in and substitutes wild symbols for the winning symbols that were deleted in the previous spin. Once you have struck 100 winning symbols during a sequence of Rolling Reels, you will be awarded 5 free spins. Because the meter continues to function even while the round of free games is in progress, it is theoretically feasible to win more rounds of free games if you are successful in filling it.

The Alchemy Fortunes Slot Machine’s Highest Payouts, Return to Player Rate, and Volatility

This high-risk slot game offers potential payouts of up to 1100 times your initial wager, or $110,000.00. Although it is a very modest multiplier, the goal itself is now much closer to being attainable. The substantial return rate of 96.41 percent is offered by the Alchemy Fortunes slot machine on an ongoing basis.

Our Alchemy Fortunes Slot Rating

The gameplay more than makes up for the fact that the symbols of crystals and potions aren’t the most exciting we’ve ever seen; in fact, they’re not even close. The Rolling Reels feature gives you a good chance of stringing together a number of consecutive wins, and the main action starts after the Potion Meter has been filled with at least 20 winning symbols. You may increase your chances of winning by taking advantage of high-value symbol exchanges, additional wilds, and free spins.

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